Key Alignment Pillars


Alignment with an innovative product portfolio across key machining operations

SAMTEC offers its customers a product portfolio that is focussed on enhancing productivity across five key machining operations:
  • Threading
  • Grooving
  • Drilling
  • Deburring
  • Machine Tool Accessories
We offer a full range of products in each of the above machining operations. In addition, we also offer custom solutions that meet the unique machining requirements of our customers. Our products meet the highest international standards of quality and performance.

Alignment with performance that delivers proven productivity enhancement

SAMTEC is aligned with driving measurable and quantifiable enhancement to our customers machining operations. The performance benefits of every product in the product portfolio can be mapped to a quantifiable and measurable productivity enhancement metrics.

By combining our knowledge and expertise of cutting tool applications with world class products, we are able to deliver for our customers, measurable improvements across various machining productivity metrics such as cost per component, machining cycle time, surface finish and tolerance, and machine downtime.

We have implemented proven solutions that deliver productivity enhancement across various industries, cutting tool applications and machining material.
Global Partners

Alignment with global partners who are leaders in tooling solutions

SAMTEC is aligned with global partners who are leaders and innovators in the machining operation that they focus on. We continually seek out partners who bring innovative tooling and machine accessory solutions to enhance machining and machine tool productivity that will improve our customers competitive advantage in the market place.

SAMTEC has aligned with global partners from Israel, Germany, Switzerland, U.K. and USA. Our global partners are leaders in delivering innovation in cutting tools and accessories. Our partners focus on developing products that improve machining productivity through innovation of cutting tool geometries, coating grades, chip removal capabilities and coolant adaption modes. In the area of accessories, our partners are improving machine tool versitality and adaption in order to reduce machine down time and increase productive machining time of the machine.

SAMTEC’s partners are focused on driving continuous innovation which has resulted in the creation of products that are geared towars solving industry specific applications, as well as products that are focused on machining of hard and difficult materials and custom solutions for unique machining requirements.

Alignment with a team of application engineers with vast knowledge and experience in cutting tools and machine tools

SAMTEC has assembled a team of qualified and experienced sales and application engineers with in-depth knowledge of metal working processes combined with machining and programming expertise. We have resident sales and application engineers located in most major industrial centres throughout India who are supported by product and application specialists located in Pune.

SAMTEC team of application engineers have expert knowledge of machine programming, cutting tool design, tool geometries and material composition in order to recommend the best tooling solution to meet the unique machining needs of our customers.

Alignment with a network of dealers located across all major industrial clusters in India

SAMTEC has put in place a strong network of channel partners (sub-distributors) who are located in different geographic regions across India to ensure proper market coverage and penetration. Our sales model is centered around sales and servicing of our customrs in industrial clusters. Our network of dealers play a key role in the ecosystem that is focussed on delivering the best solution and sales support to our customers. Through close alignment with our dealers in each of the industrial clusters, we are able to ensure that our customers are always connected to us.

In creating our dealer network, we have followed stringent guidelines for dealer selection. Only dealers that meet our selection criteria have joined our team. Once selected, the dealers are provided all the neceesary product training, sales training and post sales support. Our investment in our dealers is part of creating a strong partnership model whereby the dealers are an extension of SAMTEC in the field.